Speciality Dishes

These ready to cook dishes are individually prepared by our Master Butcher’s. Allowing you more time to enjoy that special meal.

Below are some examples of our speciality foods:

Farm Fresh Chicken Farm Fresh Chicken – Par-boned Irish chicken. Seasoned and stuffed with O’Leary’s homemade stuffing
Prime Rib-Roast Prime Rib-Roast – From Our Duhallow Beef Range. French trimmed and seasoned with our own blend of rainbow peppercorns
Rack Of Spring Lamb Rack Of Spring Lamb (6 Chops) – Marinated in a terriaki sauce seasoned with fresh garden mint, rosemary & thyme
Chicken Supreme
Succulent fillet of Irish chicken stuffed with garlic butter in a creamy wild mushroom sauce
Homemade Chicken Curry
Succulent chunks of Irish chicken fillet with fresh vegetables in a homemade mild curry sauce
Italian Style Stuffed Pork Steak
Locally sourced pork steak stuffed with Mozzarella cheese, black pudding, homemade stuffing with caramelised red onion chutney wrapped in smoked bacon

Olga Firek - O'Leary's Speciality Dishes

Olga Firek who has been on the team at O’Leary’s for the past 4 years has brought a whole new dimension to their food preparation, infusing dishes with flavours from a wide range of herbs and spices including garlic, coriander, sage, rosemary, thyme, Dijon mustard, sweet chilli, and parsley.