Eating Out At Home

Pastry DishesHome-cooked Meats, Salads, Finger Food, Bar-B-Que Meats and Desserts ideal for special occasions:

  • Birthdays & Anniversaries
  • Christenings, Communions & Confirmations
  • Funerals
  • Stations

Mixed Cold Meat PlatterMixed Cold Meat Platter

Choose from the following:

  • Home Cooked Ham
  • Roast Turkey Breast
  • Home Cured Bacon
  • Traditional corned Beef
  • Traditional spiced Beef
  • Slow Roasted Beef

All our meats are cooked in our own kitchen with full traceability from farm to fork.  The carved meats are served on disposable Buffet Platters complete with lids making them perfect for presenting them to your guests.  The Platters are made to order and decorated by our chefs on the morning of your party.

Smoked Salmon and Prawn Platter

Hand Carved Irish Smoked Salmon with freshly prepared Prawn Coctail.

Choice of Fresh Salads

Choose from the following:

* Coleslaw * Creamy Coleslaw * Garlic Coleslaw
* Low Fat Coleslaw * Tuna Salad * Spicy Tuna Salad
* Potato Salad * Potato & Scallions * Mash Potato
* Fruit Salad * Tossed Salad * Stuffing
* Apple & Celery * Pasta Salad * Egg Mayonnaise
* Curried Rice * Italian Pasta Salad * Summer Salad
* Rice Salad

Selection of Freshly Prepared Sandwiches

Freshly Prepared Sandwiches

Assorted sandwiches prepared the morning of your party.  All served on Platters.  Choose your fillings from a selection of cooked meats and salads.

Finger Food

All prepared fresh that morning by our chefs.

* Mini Beef Pastry * Garlic & Herb Chicken Kebabs
* Mini Chicken Pastry * Tomato & Herb Chicken Kebabs
* Marinated Pork Ribs * Mini Beef Roulade
* Mini Meatballs * Marinated Chicken Wings
* Sausage Rolls * Mini Lamb Grillsticks
* Cocktail Sausages


* Bar-B-Que Steak Burgers(Made from 100% Steak Mince, Marinated in BBQ Sauce)

* Lamb Grillsticks(100% Lean Minced Lamb Marinated in Garden Mint)

* Marinated Chicken Fillets - (Large Chicken Fillets, Marinated in Garlic & Herb or Tomato & Herb)

* Chicken Kebabs - (Succulent Chunks of Marinated Chicken on a Skewer)

* Beef Kebabs(Spicy Strips of Sirloin Steak with Chunky Veg on a Skewer)

* Marinated Lamb Cutlets - (Lamb Cutlets Marinated in a Teriyaki Sauce)

* Bar-B-Que Spare Ribs(Pork Ribs Marinated in a Homemade BBQ Sauce)

* Award Winning Homemade Jumbo Sausages - (Marinated in a BBQ Sauce)

* Marinated Minute Steak - (Minute Steaks Marinated in a Garlic or Pepper Marinade)

* Marinated Pork Chops(Marinated in Provencal Marinade)

* Spicy Chicken Wings - (Marinated in an Oriental Spicy Sauce)

* Marinated Chicken Legs, Thighs & Drumsticks - (Marinated in a Cajun & BBQ Marinade)

* Sausage Kebab(Assortment of our Homemade Sausage)